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Here is some information that is important for you to know about having a third grader in my classroom.





Classroom assignments are generally due the next school day after they are assigned.  Class time is always given to complete assignments.  Students may need to finish an assignment at home if it is not completed during the given class work time. The National Parent Teacher Organization (PTA) suggests that homework not exceed ten minutes per grade level for students.  Therefore, homework for students in third grade should take about 30 minutes per night.  In my classroom, homework will always be a review of a skill taught, so if you see your student struggling with homework assignments and, if more often than not, requiring over 30 minutes to complete homework, please contact me.  There will be occasional times when an extra 10-15 minutes may be required.  Examples of these times would be making up worked missed when absent, or correcting tests or papers that the student did incorrectly or did not fully complete.

 Thursday Folders are used in our classroom as a way to make the connection from school to home.  Each Thursday night, your student will bring home his/her Thursday Folder, in which you will find school-wide information and important notes that I may need for you to see, and occasionally, sign and return.  Thursday folders will also include all graded papers for the week. It is the responsibility of your student to bring this folder to you each Thursday so that you may review the contents.

Book Orders
Students have the opportunity to purchase books from the book orders sent home.  I use Scholastic's "Lucky Book Club" and Scholastic's "Arrow Book Club."  If I send two order forms home, feel free to combine the two orders and use one check to pay for the books.  To place an order, just fill out the book order form and return it to school in an envelope with a check written to the book club, or cash (please send in the exact amount, as I do not keep change at school). Please make checks payable to "Scholastic Book Clubs".  Another way you can order books is to order online at  It's paperless and best of all our class reveives extra points each time you order online.  As always be sure to check the due date on the order form.  

The teaching of reading is of the utmost importance in the primary grades.  Not only do students need to be able to decode words and develop fluency, but it is even more important that they are understanding what they read.  This is the stage in which a child moves from learning to read to reading to learn.  It is my goal this year to teach my students strategies to help them comprehend what they are reading.

  Help your child pick books that are "just right" for them using the I PICK method:

1. I choose a book.

2. Purpose - Why do I want to read?

3. Interest - Does it interest me?

4. Comprehend - Am I understanding what I am reading?

5. Know - I know most of the words.

Using these strategies, you can help your child be a better reader by reading books at their level.

Taken from The Daily 5 by Boushey and Moser


How does the teacher match the novel with the student's ability?
     The reading curriculum provided to all teachers & schools within the Omaha Public Schools strives to match instruction with individualized reading levels.  We achieve this by having students read out loud periodically throughout the school year. While the student is reading, notations are made to show difficulties or strengths of the reader. Not only are we listening for fluency, and word decoding skills, we also ask the student questions to assess whether they are comprehending what they are reading.   This process is called Benchmarking and there are kits provided at every grade level.  This is NOT a graded assessment-it's a progress assessment.  Benchmarking is a useful tool as we attempt to meet every student at their independent and instructional reading level.
    Benchmarking also allows me to choose leveled novels based upon the same levels that I assess the students at.  This way, the novels they read match their independent reading level.


Hi, my name is Tom Brown and this is my fifth year of teaching Third grade.  I’ve worked for Omaha Public Schools for thirteen years, nine as a Positive Action Center facilitator at Fullerton Magnet and teaching four years here at Saddlebrook.  Though I come to teaching late in my career, I’ve found I have enjoyed it more than anything.  I look forward to working with both students and parents and helping to educate future leaders.  

I’m a native of Omaha and attended Boyd, Morton and Northwest respectively.  I’ve been married to my wife, Deb, for 31 years and we have two great kids. Our daughter, Molly, is a fourth grade teacher in Elkhorn and is married to a great guy, Parker.  Our son, Mitch, attends UNO.  When I’m not teaching, I enjoy playing baseball, golf, and reading.