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Important Information about OPS-owned Instruments and Other Band Materials: 

There have been recent changes to the OPS-owned instrument return policy. If you have an OPS-owned band instrument at home and WILL be attending any OPS school next fall (even if it is not Saddlebrook), you will keep that instrument at home with you all summer. Mr. Cosby will be in touch with you next fall to arrange a way for you to return that instrument. If you have an OPS-owned band instrument at home and you will NOT be attending an OPS school next fall (maybe moving out of state or attending another Omaha area school district) please contact Mr. Cosby as soon as possible to arrange a time to return that instrument. The same policy will be followed with other band materials like Sound Innovations books, sheet music, and any other band materials you may have at home that belong to OPS or Saddlebrook. 

This decision was made by our district leaders in an overabundance of caution to ensure that everyone stays safe during our current pandemic situation. Thank you for your patience as I work to follow OPS protocol and ensure everyone's safety.

Congratulations Saddlebrook Band Students! 

YOU MADE IT... all the way through your 5th grade year at Saddlebrook and your 1st year in band! THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your musical journey at Saddlebrook- I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you!

If this were a normal ending to the school year, we would have an end-of-the-year band celebration where I would give out certificate and awards... but this is anything but a normal year! So I have created a "virtual" Saddlebrook 5th/6th Grade Band Awards Program for you: CLICK HERE to watch the "virtual" awards program.

Have a great summer!

~Mr. Cosby 

Older Postings about At Home Band Activities

At Home Band Activity for Week of May 11-15- from 5/11/2020- Welcome to the last week of the 2019-2020 school year! It has been a crazy year for sure, especially these past couple of months... congratulations on completing your 1st year in band! I have enjoyed getting to know you all. Best of luck to you as you move on to a new school next year- you are all such talented people and I know you will totally rock middle school! THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your musical journey at Saddlebrook. 

CLICK HERE to watch my video that explains about the at-home band activity for May 11-15. This video also contains information about turning in/not turning in OPS instruments and when to expect participation and other special recognition awards for band.

At Home Band Activity for Week of May 4-10- from 5/3/2020- All band students were focusing on learning the sheet music for our Northwest Vertical Spring Concert before spring break. While this vertical concert was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, band students have worked hard on this music and should get to perform it. So this week's band activity is to give a mini-performance for your family. The music you play is up to you... you could play the sheet music we were preparing for the concert. Or you could play something shorter out of our book (page 17 or 18). The choice is up to you. Once you are done with your mini-performance, upload a recording of your performance to Flipgrid. If you did not record your performance then just submit a Flipgrid telling me what you performed, where you performed, how you think it went and your family's reaction to your performance. There are only 2 rules for this mini-performance that you must follow:

  1. Rule #1 = you must introduce yourself, what school you go to and what music you will play as well as the composer of that music. Watch the video below for more details on this.
  2. Rule #2 = you must bow to after your performance is complete. This is just the appropriate thing to to due acknowledge the applause from your audience (in this case, the applause from your family). Watch the video below for more details on this.

CLICK HERE to view Mr. Cosby's videocast about how to complete the band activity for the week of May 4-10.

At Home Band Activity for Week of April 27-May 3rd- from 4/27/2020- The weather is getting nicer outside and we have all been stuck at home for a good six or seven weeks at this point... I think it is time for us to take a little break and have a FUN BAND CHALLENGE this week!! So here it is: I challenge you to record yourself playing any song you choose from page 17 in your Sound Innovations book in the most interesting and unique place you can think of! Maybe this would you playing your instrument outside in your yard. Maybe this would be you playing your instrument in your mother's car with the seat belt on. Maybe this would be you playing your instrument while sitting on the washing machine or dryer.  Or maybe this would be you playing your instrument while upside down on your couch in your living room- it doesn't matter where, just find a unique and interesting place to play your instrument this week, record yourself doing it and submit it to me using Flipgrid! There are only 2 rules for this challenge:

  1. Rule #1 = be safe at all times. Don't climb the tree in your yard to play your instrument and fall out of it hurting yourself! Have your parents approve your interesting place before attempting to actually play in this place!
  2. Rule #2 = practice social distancing at all time. Don't go to the park and play your instrument with 20 other kids standing right next to you! Again, have your parents approve your interesting place before moving forward with actually playing in that place.
CLICK HERE to view Mr. Cosby's videocast about how to complete the band activity for the week of April 27-May 3rd.

Feel free to send me an email ( if you have any questions about the band activity for the week of April 27-May 3. ~Mr. Cosby

At Home Band Activity for Week of April 20-24- from 4/20/2020- There are two parts to this week's band activity:

  • Part 1 = Focus your practice on page 18 in your Sound Innovations book. Submit a recording of at least one song off page 18 using Flipgrid once you have practiced and can play all the notes and rhythms.
  • Part 2 = Listen to the two recordings below. As you listen be thinking to yourself "would I want to play this song?" After listening to all two songs, go to Flipgrid and "vote" for the song you would like to play. We will begin working next week on the song that gets the most votes so make sure you listen and vote on Flipgrid- the choice is up to you! Click below to listen to the two recordings:

5th Grade Recordings- listen to both of them, then vote for your favorite on Flipgrid:   CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE 2 RECORDINGS        

CLICK HERE to view Mr. Cosby's videocast about how to complete the 5th Grade Band activity for the week of April 20-24.

5th Grade Band At Home Activity for Week of April 13-17- from 4/11/2020- All band students had been working on two pieces of sheet music before spring break- Academic Festival Overture and The Lost KingdomYour band activity for the week of April 13-17 is to choose one of these pieces of sheet music to focus on in your practice. Then, after practicing it for a few days, send me a recording using Flipgrid of you playing the song you chose all the way through to the end. Are you not sure how to do any of this? No problem- CLICK HERE to watch the video Mr. Cosby made that explains exactly how to do this at home band activity.

It is no secret that practicing just your part to these band songs at home by yourself is kind of boring... so below are links to recordings that you can play with to make it a little more fun:

CLICK HERE for recordings of Academic Festival Overture and The Lost Kingdom.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about the band activity for the week of April 13-17. ~Mr. Cosby


5th Grade Band At Home Activity for Week of April 6-10- from 4/6/2020There is a new band activity for the week of April 6-10. CLICK HERE to learn the details about the At Home Band Activity #2. This activity is all about intervals and how to identify them. There is even an "online challenge" to try at the end to test your interval-identifying skills! Feel free to send me an email to let me know how your interval challenge is going:   Don't forget about the At Home Band Activity #1 from last week- it is still active. If you would like to send me a recording of you practicing something at home that would be awesome- I will send you some feedback after I listen to your recording.

Happy practicing and learning about intervals! ~Mr. Cosby


A Message for Saddlebrook 5th Grade Band Students- from 3/30/2020- Even though we are away from school for the foreseeable future, I want you all to know that I miss seeing you for band class twice a week! I am at home practicing my "social distancing" skills with my family just like you. However, I have plenty of extra time these days- I would love to help you continue getting better on your instruments! An ideal way to do this while we are away from school would be for you to record yourself at home and send it to me so I can offer you feedback to guide your practice moving forward. I think using Flipgrid will be the easiest way to accomplish this. 5th Grade Band Students- please CLICK HERE for step-by-step instruction on how to record yourself playing at home using Flipgrid. Once you record something I will view it and provide you with feedback, either through email or by recording a video of my own on Flipgrid. This will not be a "perfect" system as I am sure there will be something I did not explain well or is confusing for you. But don't worry- we will figure it out together! Feel free to email me if you have questions. Or, we can set up a time to meet virtually using TEAMS as well.

As you work with your parents to structure your time at home, I suggest setting aside 20 minutes each day to focus on playing your instrument. Below is an outline on how to break down your 20 minute practice sessions at home:

5th Grade Practice Outline

REMINDER: Always use a metronome when practicing! Use one for free by clicking on the link in the 'Mr. Cosby's Favorite Websites' tab above.

  1. DAILY MAINTENANCE: Breathing Exercises, Sizzle Exercises, Mouthpiece/Headjoint Practice (see First Lessons handout)  -2 minutes.
  2. WARM UP: Band Warm up Version 2.0- all  4 minutes.
  3. REVIEW: Sound Innovations, pg. 13 & 14. Listen to your sound... are you matching pitch? Are you counting all the rhythms as you play?  4 minutes. 
  4. FOCUS: Sound Innovations, pg. 15, 16, 17 & 18-all. These songs are more difficult- if you are struggling with your notes, use your flash cards to help you! Step #1 when practicing is always POINT & TELL. Step #2 is SHOW & TELL. Step #3 is PLAY & THINK.  -5 minutes.
  5. SHEET MUSIC: The Lost Kingdom & Academic Festival Overture. -5 minutes.
  6. CHALLENGE: Where are you at for rank advancements? Find your chart and start practicing for your next rank! -4 minutes.
  7. WRITTEN WORK: no written work while at home at this time...
  8. Clean instrument and put instrument SAFELY away. -1 minute.


If you have any questions about practicing your instrument at home please contact me via email at any time:


~Mr. Cosby 


 Title Description
Band Registration FormDownloadPlease fill out this form and return it to school if your child wants to play a band instrument at Saddlebrook.
Band Schedule- January & FebruaryDownloadThis calendar lists the days we have band lessons at Saddlebrook. It is also where students should write down their practice minutes!
Overview of Band LessonsDownloadThis document outlines the basic concepts that are taught in the elementary band program at Saddlebrook.
BAND ROCKS t-shirt order formDownloadPlease fill out this BAND ROCKS t-shirt order form and return by Friday, Feb. 7th
First Quarter "Band Notes"DownloadThis letter was sent home with students on October 21st and gives details about upcoming events and happenings for band students at Saddlebrook.
Instructions for the Remind AppDownloadThis document outlines how to sign up for text message or email reminders about band lessons at Saddlebrook.