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I am proud to be returning to Saddlebrook Elementary this year for my second year of teaching! I currently teach K-5 general music at Saddlebrook. In our music classes, students create musical compositions and performances by studying musical notation and form, perform songs using their voices, bodies and instruments, respond to examples of different genres of music, form connections with the music they listen to by relating it to their own personal lives and experiences, and play various musical games. When students are in my classroom, they become explorers in the vast world that is music! When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my fiance and our cats Eddie and Silas, fishing and golfing, and playing various video games. I also enjoy playing the guitar and piano in my free time. I am looking forward to this school year and can't wait to play, sing, say, and move to music with everyone here at Saddlebrook! Have a nice day and feel free to email or call if you have any further questions.