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Days 1/6- Music

Days 2/7- Art

Days 3/8- Library

Days 4/9- PE

Day 5-Guidance

Day 10-Computer Lab



Don't forget to check your child's Homework Folder each night!  You'll find our monthly newsletter, Dojo point tracker, specials calendar, and reading log.  Students will also bring home their work and any homework they may have in their homework folder.  Anything that needs to come back to school can also be placed in this folder.  

THANK YOU for all the donations to get us started this year!  All supplies will definitely be utilized this year!

classroom information

In my classroom, I work hard to promote an environment of respect.  Therefore, our class rule is this:

I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

I will respect others,

including my peers, teachers, and visitors.

I will respect things,

including classroom and school furniture and supplies.

I will respect myself!

 Our reading block will be set up using the management system called the Daily Five.  This is a way of structuring the reading block so every student is independently engaged in meaningful literacy tasks. These research-based tasks are ones that will have the biggest impact on student reading and writing achievement, as well as help foster children who love to read and write. Students receive explicit whole group instruction and then are given independent practice time to read and write independently while I provide focused, intense instruction to individuals and small groups of students.  When it is up and running smoothly, students will be engaged in the Daily Five.  The Daily Five is comprised of: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work.

Reading lessons will be enriched with the use of our reading series published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt called Journeys.  Each week we will read a main story and do activities to go along with its theme.  Each story has phonics, vocabulary, leveled readers, study skills, and grammar/writing lessons to go along with it.

We will be participating in the BookIT! program this year.  Each month, your student will be given a goal for how many minutes to read.  Be sure to log minutes on the monthly reading log found in your child's homework folder.  If your child meets or exceeds the monthly goal, your child will receive a coupon for a free mini-pizza from Pizza Hut.  


Mystery Readers

Mystery Readers are parents, grandparents, etc. that volunteer one time to read a short story to our class.  They remain anonymous until their arrival and the children get to guess who they think is coming.  Mystery Reader times are on Friday afternoons.  Contact me if you are interested.


Scholastic Book Orders

Book orders will be passed out monthly. Orders can be turned in to me or placed online.  If you order online you will want to go to  If this is your first time ordering online use our class activation code: GP3HQ.  Our class earns points with every purchase which allows us to get free books for our classroom library.


Your child’s nightly homework will consist of…           

  1. Read for at least 15 minutes
  2. Practice spelling words
  3. Study math facts for fact fluency
  4. Assignments not completed in class that are brought home in your child’s homework folder must be brought back the next day

In addition to this:

  1. Spelling assignment on Monday nights.  This assignment will work on spelling skills covered in class.  This assignment is due back Wednesday.  
  2. A Math assignment will go home on Wednesday nights. The assignment will review our current standard being covered that week.  This assignment is due by Friday.


Discipline Plan

We are using a new school-wide discipline plan.  Please see our school link to learn more about our expected behaviors.  In our room, as students earn tickets for our school-wide plan, they will earn a ClassDojo point.  Be sure to sign up on to see how your child is doing!  They will also keep a record in their homework folder of their points.  Once students reach their goal, they will earn a coupon for a variety of things like prize box choice, no shoe day, lunch with the teacher, etc.  



We are scheduled to eat lunch at 11:45-12:20 daily.  Please feel free to join your child for lunch at any time.  Also, don’t forget to sign in at the office when you come up!  We ask that you NOT bring in outside fast food, but feel free to bring your own sack lunch or eat a school lunch.  




If you want to bring snacks for the class for any reason (birthday celebration, holiday treat, etc.) please be aware of the OPS policy that states that only unopened store purchased food products can be passed out to the students.   Please also be sensitive to products containing peanuts.  No home baked goods are allowed.  Also, to align with our emphasis on healthy living at Saddlebrook, and to lessen the distractions, the PTA has voted and agreed to limit the birthday celebrations.  Students are more than welcome to bring treats as long as they are healthy-cupcakes, cookies, donuts, or other unhealthy items will now be sent back home with the student who brought them.  Non-food treats, such as pencils or stickers that can be sent home with classmates are also an option.  Ideas for healthy snacks could be items like crackers, fruit snacks, string cheese, yogurt, etc.  Birthday treats should only be brought to share with the class.  

We will have snack time daily in the mornings.  Your child must bring their snack from home and it should also align with the healthy snack policy mentioned above.  Snacks will not be shared and I will not be providing a snack for any students who have forgotten theirs that day.  


This year we will be using the math series GO Math! to learn about numbers, patterns, place value, addition, subtraction, fact families, fractions, graphing, geometry, money, and telling time.  This series is designed to meet the objectives and intent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  I also will incorporate literature, music and games to help make learning math fun. Students will have an opportunity to be challenged by learning multiplication and division facts towards the end of the year.  Please keep in mind this is a 3rd grade standard and will only be a preview if time allows.

Students will practice basic addition and subtraction facts daily to build fact fluency.  Please have your child work on addition and subtraction facts nightly to increase their speed.  It is helpful if you can also look over your child’s work that was completed in class. If you are seeing consistent mistakes, sit down and help your child review that concept.  Your child will have a weekly math assignment that they will need to complete and return by that Friday.  Look for this to come home on Wednesday.




Fact Fluency

Students will practice basic addition and subtraction facts daily to build fact fluency.  Please have your child work on addition and subtraction facts nightly to increase their speed.

This year in Science, we will be implementing the new state science standards.  We will be covering plants and animals, Earth's water and land and its processes, as well as the states of matter and how matter changes.  

Unit 1: This unit covers communities and the many things we can find in our communities and neighborhoods.  We also compare and contrast communities like urban, rural and suburban communities.  We will spend some time creating our own communities, too. 

Unit 4: This unit is about our country today.  We will learn all about our government.  We will learn about our local, state and federal governments and how we choose our leaders. 

Unit 5: This unit is about our country long ago.  We will discuss Native Americans, colonists and pioneers.  We will learn about the first Thanksgiving and have our class Thanksgiving feast.  

Unit 3: This unit is all about economics.  Students will learn about wants and needs, goods and services, saving a spending money with a budget.  

We will also learn about a variety of holidays that we celebrate in the United States as well as different cultures around the world.  

Our classroom uses the research based Sitton Spelling program.  The Sitton Spelling philosophy is that words aren't really mastered until they are spelled correctly in everyday writing.  Many students can memorize words for a Friday Test, but if there is no transfer to student writing, what's the point?  Second graders are responsible to learn core words from a list of words most commonly used in everyday writing.  Words are arranged on the list in the order of frequency of use in everyday writing.

I will teach spelling lessons and strategies such as spelling rules, phonics, word patterns etc.  Students will have classroom assignments to practice their spelling skills in context. Visual skills are developed and practiced such as proofreading.  Each week for homework, students will work on five of the words on their personal list that need to be learned.  Students will add words to this personal list as the words are spelled incorrectly in their everyday work.  Parents can help by becoming their child's personal spelling editor and assisting with spelling.  While the core word list may look easy, remember that these words are the words that might be misspelled or used incorrectly in everyday written work.

Students are assessed using their everyday writing. Random checks will be made to classroom assignments in science, social studies, language arts, and math and could be graded for spelling.  In addition, a “Cloze Story Test” is given in which students listen to a passage read by the teacher and fill in the missing words in the story.  These words come from the core word and priority word lists.   Sentence dictation tests are also given.  The teacher reads four sentences, and the students write the sentences including correct usage of punctuation.  Nearly every word in the sentence dictation comes from the core word or “No Excuses” priority word lists.

Students will be writing daily during our class writer’s workshop.  Mini lessons will be taught to help students learn how to become authors.  Students will be writing their own books using the information they learn from these lessons.  Individual and small group conferencing will take place to help children improve their writing.  Students will learn how to stretch small moments (personal narratives), the craft of revision, various ways to illustrate their writing, elements of a fiction piece, a non-fiction piece, a mystery piece and a poetry unit.  We will also learn about opinion and letter writing.  At the end of each unit we will have writing celebrations to share and celebrate our excellent writing!

We will review and refine manuscript in second grade.  We use the Zaner-Bloser manuscript font.  Cursive will not be taught at the second grade level and it is encouraged to not teach it at home either. When students try to learn cursive on their own, it can build bad habits if they are not forming the letters the way they will learn them in 3rd grade.  

For Grammar, we will learn about many things by incorporating it into writer's workshop, including the following:

Sentence structure-what the subject and predicate are.  Also that a sentence needs a capital and end mark. 

Nouns-that they can be people, places, and things.  We will also learn that special nouns need to be capitalized and how to make nouns singular and plural. 

Verbs-we will learn that action words are verbs and discuss other verbs such as was/were, have/has, and is/am/are.  We will discuss how to make verbs show present and past tenses. 

Pronouns-we will learn that a pronoun takes the place of nouns to make our writing and speaking more fluent.

Adjectives-we will learn that adjectives are describing words and will discuss how to "spice" up our writing using juicy adjectives.  

My name is Mrs. Padomek!  Welcome to our 2nd grade class!  This is my fourteenth year teaching.  I taught for three great years at Fullerton and now I'm at Saddlebrook.  I feel so lucky to be a part of the Saddlebrook community!  I'm looking forward to working with great staff, students, and parents again this year!

Although I was born in Memphis, TN and lived in Akron, OH for a short time, I pretty much grew up in Omaha, graduating from Millard West High School.  I then went to Creighton University and earned my BS in Elementary Education in 2006.  
I earned my Masters degree in Reading from UNO in 2013.  Going to Creighton developed my love for Bluejay Basketball-Go Jays!  My husband and I enjoy going to all the home games and try to make at least one road trip a season.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with our two daughters, our son, and our cat, Sophie.  My oldest is in 5th grade, my middle child is in 1st and my youngest is in Pre-K here at Saddlebrook.  Although I seem to get far less done before and after school having my children around, I do love being able to see them throughout the day in the halls!  I also LOVE to travel!  When I can find the time, I also enjoy relaxing by scrapbooking-but who am I kidding?  That rarely happens these days!!


A few of my favorites:

Food-steak and potatoes, pizza, Italian

Snack-chocolate anything!  especially Dove Dark Chocolate (Dark's the best!), Snickers and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Drink-Mocha or Chai Lattes, Water, PB Cup Blender from Scooters

Team-Creighton Bluejays

Things to do-Travel, go to Creighton games, shop

Store-Target, GAP, LOFT