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Day 1/6 Library

Day 2/7-- Music

Day 3--Computers

Day 4/9-- Art

Day 5/10-- PE

Day 8-- Guidance

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My name is Julie Trimble, and this is my 12th year with Omaha Public Schools. I have taught previously in both Minnesota and Iowa.I love to read. I have 2 lovely daughters. Emily is 23. She is a junior black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and also loves to read. Madelyn is 20, and in college and loves to draw and design clothes. As a family we love to watch movies, read, watch Harry Potter movies, go to Universal Studios, and enjoy family time. I completed my Master's in Teaching and Learning Teacher Education with a minor in mathematics through the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2015.  I am looking forward to another wonderful year at Saddlebrook!

sight words

Our first sight words are: I, a, mom, dad, no, and, are, at, blue, black, brown, be, can, dad, do, eight, four, five, green, go, get, gray, have, he, is, like, look, my, me, nine, orange, one, purple, pink, red, see, six, seven, she, said, the, two, three, then, to, up, we, white, yellow, you, yes, zero, come, all, eat, out, and jump.


In math, we are finishing our unit on addition. We are working on writing addition sentences with the plus sign and equal sign. A great way to practice this is to use our 2 dice that were sent home- count the dots on one dice, write the number, write the plus sign, count the dots on the second dice, write the number, write the equal sign, then count the dots on both dice and write the sum. Remember to make sure that each dot only gets one number when counting.

Alphabet Work

Alphabet Work

              Our letters/ sounds this year include:

a as in apple      b as in bat

c as in cat        d as in dog

e as in elbow       f as in frog

g as in gallop       h as in hop

i as in itch         j as in jump

k as in kick          l as in lemon

m as in munch         n as in nod

o as in octopus         p as in pumpkin

q as in quilt           r as in run

s as in six          t as in talk

u as in umbrella          v as in van

w as in wiggle         x as in fox

y as in yellow        z as in zoo


Items we would like to use in our room-

We need:

crayons, 2 boxes of 24 if possible

glue sticks- 8

black fine dry erase markers

snack-box of cereal, crackers

glue bottle

box of markers



Lysol/ Clorox wipes

Water bottle for daily use

rest mat or beach towel for rest time