Welcome to Mrs. Ball's

4th Grade Classroom!

meet mrs. ball

This is my 24th year of teaching, my 12th year in Omaha Public Schools. I am a proud graduate of Michigan State University.  I have taught every grade, second through sixth, but fourth grade is by far my favorite grade to teach. I am a proud mother of 4—Olivia, Jack, Evan and an adorable Dachshund named Cooper.  I love to read and write in my spare time.   

daily special's schedule

Please refer to the daily lunch calendar for the cycle day!  On the days that your child has P.E., it is easier if he/she comes to school already in gym shoes. Thank You!

Recess/Lunch 11:55-12:30 Daily  *Students will have recess from12:00-12:15. Students will eat lunch from 12:15-12:35    

All of our specials are from 11:00-11:50

Strings:  9:30-10:00 on cycle days 2/7 and 4/9

GATE:  3:00-3:50 on cycle days 2/7 and 3/8

Cycle Days 1/6: Music

Cycle Days 2/7: Library

Cycle Days 3/8:  Computers- Cycle Day 3 and Guidance-Cycle Day 8

Cycle Days 4/9:  Art

Cycle Days 5/10: PE  11:00-11:25 and 2:30-2:55Please be sure to have your child wear tennis shoes on days when he/she has PE. Changing in and out of shoes can be very time consuming. Thank you!


10 top things to remember

10. Homework is given Monday through Thursday.  Please turn it in on time!

9.  Bring your Binder everyday to school.

8.  Wear gym shoes to school on P.E. days (See lunch calendar for cycle days)

7.  Remember to bring your instrument if you participate in strings

6.  All corrected work goes home on Thursday (Show it to mom and dad)

5.  Bring your agenda everyday to class.  Make sure it is signed nightly by mom or dad

4.  Practice your multiplication facts with IXL (Passwords were sent home) and study your spelling words nightly

3.  Be prepared for outside recess by having appropriate clothing for the different seasons

2.  Read! Read! Read! Reading should be part of your nightly routine even if it has not been assigned.

1.  Remember to have fun, work hard, and always practice the 4 B's!