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Practice Assignment- Last Updated on Tuesday, January 7th

REMINDER: Always use a metronome when practicing!

  1. DAILY MAINTENANCE: Breathing Exercises, Sizzle Exercises, Mouthpiece/Headjoint Practice (see First Lessons handout)  -2 minutes.
  2. WARM UP: Band Warm up page, all  4 minutes.
  3. REVIEW: Sound Innovations, pg. 11. Listen to your sound... are you matching pitch? Are you counting all the rhythms as you play?  4 minutes. 
  4. FOCUS: Sound Innovations, pg. 12 and 13-all. These songs are more difficult- if you are struggling with your notes, use your flash cards to help you! Step #1 when practicing is always POINT & TELL. Step #2 is SHOW & TELL. Step #3 is PLAY & THINK.  -5 minutes.
  5. SHEET MUSIC: no sheet music at this time.
  6. CHALLENGE: Where are you at for rank advancements? Find your chart and start practicing for your next rank! -4 minutes.
  7. WRITTEN WORK: 3rd Quarter Review Assessment should be in each student's folder. We will be working on this in class a little bit each day. Please do NOT lose this paper! Also, get your permission slip signed so you can go on the field trip on January 23rd.
  8. Clean instrument and put instrument SAFELY away. -1 minute.

TOTAL PRACTICE TIME = 15-20 minutes

Saddlebrook Band Announcements

Welcome back from Winter Break! I hope your 2020 is off to a great start!

Band students will be going on a field trip to the Holland Performing Arts Center to hear the Omaha Symphony's Concerts for Youth on Thursday, January 23rd. Students will leave Saddlebrook around 10:15 and return to the building around 12:45 (students will eat a late lunch on this day). All students must return the permission slip that was given out on Tuesday, January 7th. CLICK HERE if you need to download another permission slip. 

As 3rd quarter begins band students are starting on Level 2 in their Sound Innovations books. Their goal is to complete Level 2 by the end of 3rd quarter. They should be focusing their practice on pages 11 and 12. Students who are looking for a challenge can begin working on page 13.

Formative assessments are given on a regular basis during the band class, but writing down your practice minutes on the calendar, having your parent's sign it and returning it on practice check days also serves as a formative assessment. The next practice check day is Friday, January 24th. Remember that the expectation is that band students are practicing around 15 minutes each day, 6 days a week.

Are you having a hard time remembering when to bring your instrument to school? No problem- I can help you with that! If you sign up for the Remind app you will receive a text or email (your choice) the evening before each band class. This really helps most families remember when to bring the instrument to school. CLICK HERE for information on how to sign up for the Remind app. 

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you have about band at Saddlebrook- my contact information is in the box on the left of this page.

~Mr. Cosby

Saddlebrook Band Schedule

Saddlebrook Band Documents

 Title Description
Band Registration FormDownloadPlease fill out this form and return it to school if your child wants to play a band instrument at Saddlebrook.
Overview of Band LessonsDownloadThis document outlines the basic concepts that are taught in the elementary band program at Saddlebrook.
Band Schedule- January & FebruaryDownloadThis calendar lists the days we have band lessons at Saddlebrook. It is also where students should write down their practice minutes!
Concerts for Youth Permission SlipDownloadPlease fill out this permission slip and return to school for the field trip scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd.
First Quarter "Band Notes"DownloadThis letter was sent home with students on October 21st and gives details about upcoming events and happenings for band students at Saddlebrook.
Instructions for the Remind AppDownloadThis document outlines how to sign up for text message or email reminders about band lessons at Saddlebrook.