ROOM 120

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Michelle Scheet
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Room 120's Important Information

Class Wish List

*Long iPad charging cords

*Class snacks

*AAA Batteries (for Hot Dot Pens)

Please check out our project page on

During the week we will be learning about...

*Reading/Daily 5= Dex: The Heart of a Hero

*Writer's Workshop= Opinion/Friendly letters

*Math= Measurement

*Social Studies= Our Country Today

*Science= Matter


Spelling Words

Core Words- think, also, right, look, around

Challenge/Vocabulary Words-  exercise, sprang, hero, gazing, depended, overlooked, sore, studied


Cycle Day 1 & 6- Art

Cycle Day 2 & 7- Music

Cycle Day 3 & 8- Mini P.E., Computer Lab ( Day 3 only), Guidance (Day 8 only)

Cycle Day 4 & 9- P.E.

Cycle Day 5 & 10- Library