Mrs. Scheet's Policies & Procedures

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                                Omaha Public Schools Second Grade Grading Scale

                                                      ADV= Advanced                                     O = Outstanding

                                                      PRF= Proficient                                      S = Satisfactory

                                                      BSC= Basic                                             N = Needs Improvement

                                                      BLB= Below Basic                                    U = Unsatisfactory

                                                      BEG= Beginning



Your child’s nightly homework consists of…    
  •   Reading for 15 minutes
  •   Practicing spelling word
  • Studying math facts for Friday Flight math tests
  •  Finish any homework in their homework folder                         
  • Return spelling and math homework by Fridays.


  Food Policy
If you want to bring snacks for the class for any reason (birthday celebration, holiday treat, etc.) please be aware of the OPS policy that states that only unopened store purchased food products can be passed out to the students.   Please also be sensitive to products containing peanuts.  No home baked goods are allowed.  Also, to align with our emphasis on healthy living at Saddlebrook, and to lessen the distractions, the PTA has voted and agreed to limit the birthday celebrations this year.  Students are more than welcome to bring treats as long as they are healthy-cupcakes, cookies, donuts, or other unhealthy items will now be sent back home with the student who brought them.  Non-food treats, such as pencils or stickers that can be sent home with classmates are also an option.  Ideas for healthy snacks could be items like crackers, fruit snacks, string cheese, yogurt, etc.  Birthday treats should only be brought to share with the class. 


4 B's

We follow the 4 B's

Be responsible

Be respectful

Be safe

Be kind