Mrs. Scheet's Spelling

Sitton Spelling


                 Our classroom uses the research based Sitton Spelling program.  The Sitton Spelling philosophy is that words aren't really "mastered" until they are spelled correctly in everyday writing.  Many students can memorize words for a "Friday Test," but if there is no transfer to student writing, what's the point?  Second graders are responsible to learn "core words" from a list of words most commonly used in everyday writing.  Words are arranged on the list in the order of frequency of use in everyday writing.  A list of these words will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.
      I will teach spelling lessons and strategies such as spelling rules, phonics, word patterns, etc.  Students will have classroom assignments to practice their spelling skills in context. After practicing the words, students are assessed on these words in several ways. A  "cloze story" test is given in which students listen to a passage read by the teacher and fill in the missing words in the story.  In addition to cloze tests, sentence dictation tests are also given.  I will read four sentences, and the students will write the sentences.  Nearly every word in the sentence dictation comes from the core words.  The words that your child misses, go home on a "Words to Learn" sheet.  These words need to be top priority for learning.  On the bottom of this sheet, there will be more words for super spellers.  These are challenging words that are our vocabulary words from our reading story of the week.  Please practice these words nightly.

            Students will have one assignment each week that they will need to complete and return back to school by Fridays.  The assignment will review a specific skill that is being taught that week. Look for this assignment to come home on Mondays or Tuesdays.