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What we're covering in Science...

 This year in Science, we will have three major units:

Weather: Students will learn about the different types of weather, temperature, cloud types, and the water cycle.

Matter: Students will learn about the three types of matter-solids, liquids, and gases.  They will also learn that matter can change by adding or taking away heat. 

Plants and Animals: Students will learn about plants, including the different parts of a plant and what plants need to survive.  They will also learn about animals, including animal groups, vertebrates and invertebrates, habitats, and food chains.  Students will learn about life cycles of plants and animals.  Students will also have the opportunity to research an animal and create a presentation about that animal. 

What we're covering in Health...

We will learn all about healthy living by discovering the food groups with Little D.  Little D will also help us learn about getting exercise and making good snack choices. 

What we're covering in Social Studies...

 Unit 1: This unit covers communities and the many things we can find in our communities and neighborhoods.  We also compare and contrast communities like urban, rural and suburban communities.  We will spend some time creating our own neighborhoods with our teams. 

Unit 2: This unit is about our Earth.  We will learn about producers and consumers as well as how goods get from the factory to us.  We will also learn how to help our Earth. 

Unit 5: This unit is about our country long ago.  We will discuss Native Americans, colonists and pioneers.  We will learn about the first Thanksgiving and have our class Thanksgiving feast.  

Unit 4: This unit is about our country today.  We will learn all about our government.  We will learn about our local, state and federal governments and how we choose our leaders.