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Writer's Workshop

Students will be writing daily during our class writer’s workshop.  Mini lessons will be taught to help students learn how to become authors.  Students will be writing their own books using the information they learn from these lessons.  Individual and small group conferencing will take place to help children improve their writing.  Students will learn how to stretch small moments (personal narratives), the craft of revision, various ways to illustrate their writing, elements of a fiction piece, a non-fiction piece, a mystery piece and a poetry unit.  We will also learn about opinion and letter writing.  At the end of each unit we will have writing celebrations to share and celebrate our excellent writing!


We will review and refine manuscript in second grade.  We use the Zaner-Bloser manuscript font.  Cursive will not be taught at the second grade level and it is encouraged to not teach it at home either. When students try to learn cursive on their own, it can build bad habits if they are not forming the letters the way they will learn them in 3rd grade.  


For Grammar, we will learn about many things by incorporating it into writer's workshop, including the following:

Sentence structure-what the subject and predicate are.  Also that a sentence needs a capital and end mark. 

Nouns-that they can be people, places, and things.  We will also learn that special nouns need to be capitalized and how to make nouns singular and plural. 

Verbs-we will learn that action words are verbs and discuss other verbs such as was/were, have/has, and is/am/are.  We will discuss how to make verbs show present and past tenses. 

Pronouns-we will learn that a pronoun takes the place of nouns to make our writing and speaking more fluent.

Adjectives-we will learn that adjectives are describing words and will discuss how to "spice" up our writing using juicy adjectives.