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Elizabeth Padomek
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What we're covering in Science...

This year in Science, we will be implementing the new state science standards.  We will be covering plants and animals, Earth's water and land and its processes, as well as the states of matter and how matter changes.  

What we're covering in Social Studies...

Unit 1: This unit covers communities and the many things we can find in our communities and neighborhoods.  We also compare and contrast communities like urban, rural and suburban communities.  We will spend some time creating our own communities, too. 

Unit 4: This unit is about our country today.  We will learn all about our government.  We will learn about our local, state and federal governments and how we choose our leaders. 

Unit 5: This unit is about our country long ago.  We will discuss Native Americans, colonists and pioneers.  We will learn about the first Thanksgiving and have our class Thanksgiving feast.  

Unit 3: This unit is all about economics.  Students will learn about wants and needs, goods and services, saving a spending money with a budget.  

We will also learn about a variety of holidays that we celebrate in the United States as well as different cultures around the world.