Welcome to the Counselor's Corner


School Counseling Program

The Pre-K -12 Guidance and Counseling Program

The Omaha Public Schools have a Pre-K-12 comprehensive, competency-based guidance and counseling program.  This program is both proactive and responsive to the unique needs of individual students.  There are four components of the program:

*A Guidance Curriculum that is delivered to ALL students and emphasizes personal, occupational, and academic skill-building through classroom presentations.

*Individual Student Planning that developmentally helps students plan for their future, set career goals, manage conflict, prepare for learning beyond high school, strengthen academic skills, and more.  

* Response Services that provide support for issues of immediate concern to the students and their families.  

*System Support that recognizes the school counselor as part of the school team and supports the other three components. 

The mission of the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is to ensure student success through the combined efforts of students, staff, families, and community.  

School Counseling Vision

School counselors are advocates, collaborating with students, school staff, families and community resources to empower all students to reach their highest potential.

School Counseling Mission

The mission of the Omaha Public Schools strengths-based school counseling program is to support academic success and preparation for post-secondary opportunities for all students.