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Room 106

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Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates

Monday, October 30- Pajama Day

Tuesday, October 31- Halloween Parade/Party 2:45

Wednesday, November 8- Parent/Teacher Conerences

Thursday, November 9- No School-- Parent/Teacher Conferences


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Specials Schedule


Day 1-- Guidance

Day 2/7-- PE

Day 3/8-- PE and Library

Day 4/9-- Music

Day 5/10--Art

Day 6- Computers

Our week starts with 



Items we would like to use in our room-

We need:

crayons, 2 boxes of 24 if possible

glue sticks- 6

black dry erase markers

snack-box of cereal, crackers

handsoap refills


rest mat or beach towel for rest time



Sight Words

Our first sight words are: I, a, mom, dad, no, blue, yellow, purple, orange, green, white, black, brown, pink, red, gray, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zero, me, we, he, she, be, and, am, at, and, can, come, do, go, it, in, like, look, my, put, see, the, to, yes, will, you, get, on, and some.

Behavior Colors

Our Behavior Colors are:

Purple- Super Star Student

Blue- Great Day

Green- Ready to Learn

Yellow- Think About It

Orange- Teacher's Choice

Red- Parent Contact


Alphabet Work

Alphabet Work

              Our letters/ sounds this year include:

a as in apple

m as in mouse

n as in nut

p as in pumpkin

c as in c

l as in leaf

f as in fall

s as in season