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Room 114

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Important Dates


September Dates to Remember

Sept. 7- Labor Day - No school!

Sept. 18- No school!

Sept. 21- No school! 

Sept. 30- READO is due! 

Our 4 B's are to....

Be responsible

Be respectful & kind

Be safe



Your child will come home with their daily red folder.  In it, you will find newsletters, notes and daily work.  You may place any notes, lunch money, or other forms for me in there.  I check them everyday. 

Spelling/Sight Word Hunt

We know the following spelling words: am, at, bat, mat, Sam, sat, an, bad, can, nap, cat, pan, fit, him, is, it, pin, sip, big, did, dig, in, pig, sit, hop, hot, log, not, on, top      

We know the following sight words: go, is, like, see, the, this, to, we, a, first, good, had, he, I, my, was, and, find, for, just, many, one, she, then, are, buy, little, said, too, up, will, you, do, live, of, our, wants, what, with, your



Our Rockstar of the Week - Hailey

Our September birthdays- Grayson and Devin


We appreciate any/all donations you make to our classroom!

We could always use...

Lysol Dual Action wipes

hand sanitizer

baby wipes

 healthy, store bought, individually wrapped, nut free snacks (We have 18 students.)

Our Specials

Days 1&6 - Music  

Days 2&7 - Library

Days 3&8 - Guidance/Computer

Days 4&9 - PE 

Days 5&10 - Art


Please read with your child for 15 minutes each night.

Practice counting from 0-120 by ones, fives and tens.

There may be a math or spelling assignment to complete throughout the week.

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