Meet Mrs. Dutcher

Welcome to Room 002!

My name is Corinne Dutcher and this is my 7th year at Saddlebrook and  my 23th year with OPS.  During my time with OPS, I have acquired two Master's Degrees. The first one is in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Instructional Technology and the second Master's Degree is in Administration. 

I am married and have two children, Gregory and Grayce.  Gregory will be a Junior and  Grayce will be a Sophamore at Millard South High School this year.  I have been married to my husband, Tony, for 21 years. 




With increased awareness of food allergies, food safety and an overabundance of “treats” (sugary juices, donuts, candies and cookies) in our schools, I have decided to eliminate the amount of unhealthy snacks in the classroom this year.  Eliminating junk food in our classroom will have a positive effect on the students - I promise we will still celebrate and have fun!  Rather than sending donuts, cookies, or cupcakes to school with your child on his or her birthday, I have come up with simple and meaningful ways to honor birthdays in the classroom.  

*extra recess for the whole class 

*lunch in the classroom with a friend

*a game the class plays together, such as bingo or kickball

*dance party with music

*help a younger class during "specials" - PE, Music, etc. 

If you would like to bring something to celebrate your child's birthday, consider the following options:

*donating a book to the classroom library

*bringing a simple craft for the class to make

*donating a game to the classroom

*small goodie bags with stickers/activities given to each classmate

*trail mix made with healthy ingredients.  The students can have fun helping mix together cereal, dried fruit and other items for a healthy, fun snack

Thank you for your support!  Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or additional celebration ideas!