Helpful Math Websites


This is my favorite math site!   Each student has a username and password in his or her planner.  When you login make sure you go to Nebraska State Standards and practice from there.  I recommend practicing on IXL 30-60 minutes each week at a minimum.  


Welcome to our math page!  Our 5th grade math curriculum is called GO Math!  It is very interactive and teaches students multiple different ways to solve problems and really focuses on critical thinking.  In 5th grade we will cover a wide variety of math concepts, but some of the big ones will be multiplying and dividing large numbers, changing between fractions, decimals, and percents, as well as many other fraction concepts!  I LOVE teaching math, but I didn't always have a love for math.  

As a child math came easy for me because I understood the steps, but I did not have a deeper understanding.  This affected me later on when math classes became more challenging.  I wasn't able to think critically or solve real world math problems.  As I started to learn how to teach math, I started to get a deeper understanding and things started clicking.  GO Math! does a great job giving students a deeper understanding from the start.  This is essential for students at all levels!  

I will say this more than once, but it's important for you (parents) to refrain from teaching your child the "shortcut" or the "easy" way to do a math problem as it is essential for students to gain a deeper understanding of each concept.  However, I know this can make math homework difficult, especially for parents trying to help!  This is where this site will come in handy!  As we are learning new concepts I will post YouTube links and/or other resources to help you help your child.  It might be a video we watched in class or something new.  This might also be a good place to send your child if they are struggling to remember how we solved a problem in class.  

Also, don't worry - we do eventually teach the "faster" way, but it's not until students understand what they are actually doing.  I know it can be hard not to teach them all the tricks, but trust me it is worth it! :)