Welcome!  Here you'll find information about upcoming writing projects and information about what we are focusing on for grammar and spelling.  Visit back soon for more updates!


Coming Soon! 


Coming Soon!


We will be using Sitton Spelling this year.  More information coming soon!

Weekly Spelling Lists (Each Unit is a new week)

Monday - No pre-test.  Students will receive their new spelling list to put in their spelling folder.  They will then write the new spelling words in their planner - each week there will 20-25 spelling words.  

Tuesday - Students will work on Unit Skills to practice their words during their Daily 3 time. 

Wednesday - Students will work on Unit Skills to practice their words during their Daily 3 time.

Thursday - Students will work on Unit Skills to practice their words during their Daily 3 time.

Friday - Weekly Cloze-Reading test. 


Monthly Journals

Each month the students and I will compile a list of the memorable things that happened at school during the given month.  Students will use this list to pick 3-4 of their favorite memories to write about.  It is expected that each journal is 5-6 paragraphs long with detailed information about each memory.  The first two months we will create a class example.  I will keep each journal entry until the end of the year when the students make a memory book.  It is so fun to look back and see all of the things that happened during each month of school.  Below is some information about how each journal should be done.


Paragraph One - This paragraph should be the introduction.  Students should inform the reader about the month they are journaling about as well as letting the reader know what he or she will be journaling about (without giving away any of the details).  To spice it up, students could begin their first paragraph with a question, a quote, or a funny statement.  This paragraph should be 4-5 sentences.  

Middle Paragraphs (3-4) - Each event that is being journaled about should have its own paragraph.  These paragraphs should be a bit longer than the introduction and closing as they are providing all of the details about each event.  Students should include and explanation of what happened, as well as why they liked it so much.  These paragraphs should each be between 5-7 sentences.  **Remember that each event/memory should be in a separate paragraph.  

Closing Paragraph - This paragraph should discuss how the month went - was it exciting, slow, the best month so far?  What was your favorite thing out of the things you chose to write about?  Be sure to tell the reader that you'll be back the next month!  The closing paragraph should be between 3-4 sentences.