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Welcome to 2nd Grade!!!!!
Dear Parents/Guardians,
I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with both you and
your child this year. I thought that it might be helpful to share with you an
outline of our classroom for the upcoming school year.  The students have a
lot of work and fun ahead.  With your help, I am sure that the upcoming
school year will be a time of learning and laughter.
Mrs. Barger

Homework Policy
All individual work given to students is a valuable extension of their classroom
lessons.  Your child will have daily homework that is to be returned prior to
the bell on the following school day.  The same policy applies to any
classroom work not completed during the school day.  All work will be
documented in your child's assignment notebook, which will come home every
evening.  Please remember to check your child's backpack for this notebook
each night.  Failure to turn in work may result in consequences such as a loss
of recess, a note or a phone call home.  Further interventions will take place
if incomplete assignments become a habitual problem.

I believe that the only way for our classroom to run smoothly is to
have the students, the teacher and the parents working together
collaboratively at all times.  As a result of this belief I hold high
expectations for my students in regard to both their academic and social
behavior.  My behavior management system contains four cards; green, yellow
orange and red.  Each day will begin with a fresh start.  After one verbal
warning if inappropriate behavior continues a green card will be pulled.  A
yellow card will be pulled for a second offence, and we will discuss strategies
to correct the behavior.  An orange card will be pulled for continued behavior
and a PAC referral will be written.  If problems continue a red card will be
pulled, this will result in a parent contact in the form of a note or phone call
and a loss of privileges for the day.  If problems continue, further
consequences will be taken in the form of an office referral.  All cards pulled
will be noted DAILY in the ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK!
Along with discipline, I firmly believe in rewarding students for
maintaining appropriate classroom behavior.  Together our class will enjoy Fun
Fridays, happy notes home to celebrate good behavior and monthly citizenship
celebrations.  We will also have a classroom store where students will be
able to purchase items from The Good Citizen Bank!

Snacks and Water Bottles
Water bottles will be allowed in class.  If you choose, your child may
bring a water bottles to keep in our classroom. 
I understand that kids get hungry during the day.  You may send a
small, healthy snack for your child on a daily basis.  I will offer a variety of
healthy snacks for  children to purchase.  The money colledted from snack
sales will be used to support classroom activities.  If you wish to donate
individually wrapped, store bought snacks it would be greatly appreciated.
Birthdays are a fun time!  Please remember that any treats brought to
celebrate should be store bought.

*Daily Participation *Pre and Posts Tests *Running Records
*Writing Samples *California Achievement Test
*District Standards *K-2 Assessment

Parent Teacher Contacts
*Welcome Back Night *Fall Conferences *Spring Conferences
*Quarterly Report Cards *Daily Assignment Notebooks
*Phone Calls *Daily Behavior Calendar *Email
I feel that it is very important that we stay in contact.  You are always
invited to visit/volunteer in the classroom.  I do appreciate it if you let me
know that you are coming, so that I know whether to stop class when you
arrive.  If you need to speak to me during the school day, please call school
or email me at   I am more likely to respond to an
email during the school day.

Please remember to check our classroom website!!!
Follow the Saddlebrook homepage to staff, 2nd grade, then Mrs. Barger.  On
our page you will find...
* Our weekly spelling list
* Daily homework assignments
* A photo gallary
* Important classroom information
* Upcoming events