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Sitton Spelling

    In our classroom we will use the Sitton Spelling program.  The philosophy of Sitton is that words aren't mastered until they are spelled correctly in everyday writing.  Many students can memorize words for a Friday Test, but if there is no transfer to student writing, what's the point?  Second graders are responsible to learn core words from a list of words most commonly used in everyday writing.  

   Homework will be an extension of our classroom learning.  Assignments will be given to highlight both the core Sitton words and a phonemic or grammatical rule that will be tested on the Friday Cloze Passage.

    Students are assessed using their everyday writing.  We will have a Cloze Passage assessment every Friday.  I will read a passage aloud and the second graders will have to fill the words into a generated paragraph.  Sentence dictation tests are also given each Thursday.  I will read sentences, and the students write the sentences including correct usage of punctuation.  

    Sitton is a wonderful program that has shown proven benefits.  Although it takes some time to adapt to the new routine, I believe in and have been witness to Sitton's success.