Welcome to Mrs. Shaw's First Grade Class!

Room 114

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Sight Word Hunt

We know the following sight words:

Please read with your child for 15 minutes each night.

Practice counting from 0-100 by ones, fives, and tens.

Our 4 B's are to....

Be responsible

Be respectful

Be safe

Be kind


Your child will come home with their daily green folder.  In it, you will find newsletters, notes and daily work.  You may place any notes, lunch money, or other forms for me in there.  I check them everyday.  I do mark their folders every day with the color they were on for our behavior chart.

Purple - Rock Star!

Green - Ready to Rock!

Yellow - Make Better Choices

Orange - 3+ Warnings, Reflection time, 5 minute time out/Teacher's Choice from recess/free choice time

Red - No recess/free choice time, parent contact or PAC room


We appreciate any/all donations you make to our classroom!

We could always use...

dry erase markers

dry erase crayons

Lysol Dual Action wipes

baby wipes

 healthy store bought snacks (We have 25 students.)

Our Specials/Lunch


Days 1&6 - Guidance/Computer  

Days 2&7 - P.E.

Days 3&8 - P.E. & Art/Art

Days 4&9 - Music 

Days 5&10 - Library

We go to lunch at 12:15.  Feel free to join us!  Adult lunches are $3.55.  Please bring exact change as it is difficult to make change.  You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch from home (no fast food).



 Our Student of the Month (Aug/Sept.) -

Our Rockstar of the Week -

Our August birthdays - Snamika, Annabella, Piper and Gavin

Important Dates

August Dates to Remember

Aug. 14 - Safe Walk to School from 6:00-7:00

Aug. 17 - First day of school! 

Aug. 21 - Solar Eclipse from 12:45-1:20