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    1. Reading - Vocabulary
    2. Math - Geometry
    3. Six-Step Vocabulary

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    Smart Snacks in School Policy

    As an educator, offering healthy snack choices in your classroom is an important part of creating a healthy school environment.  Snacks are important for providing children with nutrients to support growth and learning.

    What is a "Smart Snacks in School Policy"?

    A " Smart Snacks in School Policy" encourages healthy snack choices for all of our students.  These recommendations and guidelines are taken from the OPS and USDA's Smart Snacks in School partnership.  The "Smart Snacks in School Policy" encompasses all snacks given including celebrations, birthdays and classroom snacks.

    Why are Smart Snack Policies important?

    Healthy snack policies help parents and other caregivers identify healthful snack foods for children.  While most parents have good intentions when it comes to choosing snack foods for their children, many do not realize that many items that sound healthy really only provide empty calories and few essential nutrients.

    What are the benefits of adopting a "Smart Snacks in School Policy"?

    There are many benefits of healthy snack policies, including helping children gain a greater understanding of healthful eating habits, exposing children to a variety of healthful foods they may otherwise not eat, and improving children's as well as staff member's diets by including more nutrient-rich foods.

    What types of foods and beverages can be counted as "smart snacks"?

    The following foods and beverages are nutrient-rich foods that contain essential nutrients often lacking in children's diets.  These healthy snacks contain little or no added sugar, fat or salt.  Eating these types of snack foods more often can significantly improve a child's diet.

    • Any fresh fruit or vegetable                      
    • 100% fruit or vegetable juice
    • Canned and packaged fruit products
    • Dried fruit
    • Animal Crackers, popcorn
    • Low or non-fat milk, yogurt or cheese
    • Whole grain crackers, cereal bar
    • Non-food items to consider in place of a "smart snack" can include: pencil, eraser, stickers, books or games.

    If you have any questions or would like suggestions please feel free to contact Lisa Kafka, RN at 402-933-3915 or


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